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Patient Engagement & Advocacy

Patient Engagement & Advocacy

Patient Advocacy: Our Mission in Action 

Advocating for patients is core to our mission. One way we do this is by building long-standing relationships with patient advocates and patient advocacy organizations focused on addiction, serious mental illness and cancer. Together, we work to raise awareness of patient needs, advance patient-centered drug development and increase access to medicines and other forms of treatment in support of patient health and

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We are deeply invested in bringing stakeholders together for open discussion and collaboration, united in our shared interest to understand the needs of - and make a difference for - patients and caregivers.

Lesley White,
Patient Engagement


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July 29, 2020

Patient-Inspired Research

We actively seek input from patients and advocates early in our drug development process to help identify unmet patient needs and inform our research. These engagement efforts help us design clinical trials and programs with specific patient outcomes in mind. We continue to consult with patients through application for regulatory approval for our medicines and beyond, so that patient perspectives continue to inform our work.

July 29, 2020

Learning from
Lived Experience

The challenges presented by addiction, serious mental illness and cancer can impact every aspect of life. Across our endeavors, we are purposeful about staying connected to the reality of living with these diseases. Much of our charitable work focuses on helping to address the comprehensive needs of those impacted by serious diseases in our therapeutic areas of focus.

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July 29, 2020

Respecting and Amplifying Voices

We are committed to amplifying authentic stories of people who live with – or those who care for people who live with – serious mental illness, addiction or cancer. This includes some of our own employees. Our hope is to build greater compassion and understanding for people living with these diseases, and to help combat the widespread stigma associated with serious mental illness and substance use disorders.

Our Patient-Centric Culture

Guided by values
United in our purpose
Committed to doing the right thing
Inspired and motivated by patients every day
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Bringing the patient voice to the drug development process has showed me just how valuable the perspectives and experiences of patients can be in informing new research.

Susan Patterson, Executive Director
Ovations for the Cure for Ovarian Cancer

Actively Engaged in the Community

Alkermes employees are proud to participate when our communities gather to express support for people living with serious mental illness. Through our national sponsorship of NAMI Walks, we have walked together with patients and families at events across the U.S. for several years.

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When it came out that I had bipolar disorder, I didn’t get a card or even a nice email. This was not my understanding about how living with a chronic illness worked. The stigma is very real, and makes living with serious mental illness even more difficult.

Gabe Howard,
Advocate and person living with bipolar I disorder