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Alkermes Inspiration Grants

Alkermes Inspiration Grants

About the Alkermes Inspiration Grants Program

Since 2016, the Alkermes Inspiration Grants program has awarded more than $5 million in funding to innovative programs that support the needs of those impacted by serious diseases in our therapeutic areas of focus. Applicants and grant recipients include a broad variety of organizations, from large advocacy groups and academic institutions to small, grassroots organizations in rural communities – all working to make a difference. The large volume of high-quality submissions received each time this program opens for applications reinforces the need for funding to support impactful, community-based programs. 

Inspired to Make an Impact

Previous grant recipients share stories to illustrate the importance of Alkermes Inspiration Grants funding to support resources and programs designed to address unmet needs for their communities.

2023 Grant Recipients  

Eleven U.S. nonprofit organizations received grants from the Alkermes Inspiration Grants program in its seventh installment. The awarded programs will utilize a variety of formats to address the needs of people living with addiction, serious mental illness and cancer. 

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12-24 Club

Fresh Start Cafe Job Training Program

American Psychiatric Association Foundation

The Caregivers' Mental Wellness Support Project: Who's Caring for the Caregiver - The Often-Unaddressed Mental Health of Family Caregivers

Cancer Legal Care

Ovarian Cancer Legal Care Project

Caregiver Action Network

Expanding CAN's Blueprint to Support Caregivers of Color Whose Children Experience Mental Health Issues

The Council of State Governments Justice Center

Expanding First Response Self-Assessment Tool for a Spanish Audience

Foundation for Women's Cancer


NAMI Mobile

Interactive Law Enforcement Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Training

Ohio Chamber of Commerce Research Foundation

Opioid Toolkit for Employers

Ovations for the Cure 

Helping Hands - Family Meal Support Program

Recovery Community Network

Walk with the Recovery Community Network

The Next Generation (Support Initiative for Women 18-35)

More information about the 2023 grant recipient programs can be found here.


Only 501(c)(3) charitable organizations in the U.S. that are not engaged in the practice of healthcare (which includes counseling services) may apply for funding through the Alkermes Inspiration Grants program. 

Exclusion Criteria

Any program that includes the treatment of a medical condition will not be considered. Programs that reference Alkermes products or product candidates, or seek to measure the impacts of Alkermes products, are not eligible for funding through this program. In addition, the following organizations are not eligible to receive funding through this program:

  • Healthcare organizations, treatment facilities and individual healthcare professionals/ private practices 
  • Foundations or charities controlled by healthcare providers or their private practices
  • Individuals/patients/caregivers
  • Labor unions/trade associations
  • Political/lobbying groups
  • Religious organizations
  • Fraternal or service organizations

Additional Information

The application period for the Alkermes Inspiration Grants Program is currently closed and the next application period has not been determined. Organizations with additional questions may contact the Alkermes Inspiration Grants team by clicking the button below. 

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Community responder programs provide a first response that does not criminalize a mental health crisis. A grant from Alkermes supported our work to help communities get engaged and educated, as they work to set up these programs.

Anne Larsen
Council of State Governments Justice Center, 

2021 and 2023 Grant Recipient