Our R&D Approach

Our patient-inspired R&D approach is grounded in a thoughtful focus on the real-world challenges that patients face on a daily basis. Through this lens, we seek to develop new medications that offer significant medical benefits, including improved efficacy, safety and ease-of-use for both patients and caregivers—all with the ultimate goal of reducing suffering and improving treatment outcomes.

Uncovering unmet needs

By identifying distinct areas of unmet patient needs , we can identify unique therapeutic opportunities that can overcome treatment barriers and make a real difference for patients.

Leveraging established science

By focusing on known medicinal chemistry, molecular structures and/or disease pathways, we can utilize existing pharmacology to reap substantial advantages in the drug development process. These include:

  • Rapid advancement through early-stage clinical trials;
  • A more streamlined pathway to the critical go/no go decision, before advancing into larger development studies and;
  • Lower drug development risk.

Applying key scientific and technological expertise

In order to maximize product development opportunities, we tap into the full range of capabilities and expertise across the drug development continuum—from biology and medicinal chemistry innovation to clinical development, from engineering and formulation development to commercial-scale manufacturing.

Positioning for success

Because we design drugs to address specific improvements in patient outcomes, our drug products are distinctive within their markets.