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Company Statement on the Invasion 

of Ukraine

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Alkermes' Statement on the Invasion of Ukraine 

March 4, 2022      

We at Alkermes join the broad, worldwide coalition expressing abhorrence at the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We denounce in the strongest terms the violence being perpetrated on Ukrainian citizens and the assault on democracy that the Russian invasion represents. We see it as our responsibility as a corporate citizen in the global community to voice our beliefs and support the people of Ukraine. In that spirit, Alkermes will be making contributions to Americares, the Red Cross, and Direct Relief, all of which are positioned to deliver essential health care supplies and services to those who need them most. 

We will continue to follow developments closely and look for ways to support the people of Ukraine. We will not hesitate to speak out when we see injustice in our global community, and encourage other concerned organizations to join in this effort.