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Perspectives on Memorial Day

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As we honor Memorial Day, we asked members of Operation Salute, our Veteran-focused Employee Resource Group, to reflect on this observance and those who gave their lives in service. Operation Salute recognizes the unique perspective and contributions that Veterans bring to Alkermes. This group creates opportunities for employees who are Veterans and non-Veterans alike to learn from and support one another while also helping Alkermes honor the sacrifice made in their service.

portrait of edward o'connorJulie Albertson, Executive Government Account Director

Julie Albertson, Executive Government Account Director, commented: "As a Veteran, Memorial Day is a solemn day of remembrance for fallen comrades. While we recognize this day, I hope it’s more than family and friends gathering for a barbeque and a day off from work. My hope is that every American also uses this time to reflect and appreciate those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country."

Portrait of Heidi McTernanHeidi McTernan, Associate Director, Corporate Project Management

Heidi McTernan, Associate Director, Corporate Project Management, reflects: "Every Memorial Day, a stranger puts a flag on my father's grave. This person will never know what that means to me. He is buried in this very small cemetery in remote northwestern Pennsylvania. I’m always honored that my father is remembered for his service to his country. We should all take a bit of this holiday to pay tribute to those who served and sacrificed for our freedom."

Portrait of Tom RyanTom Ryan, Executive Director, Human Resources 

Tom Ryan, Executive Director, Human Resources, shared: "While Memorial Day is predominantly celebrated in the U.S., and we have a separate National Day of Commemoration in Ireland, it is important for us all to pause and reflect on those that have given service to their county and paid the ultimate price, to keep us and others safe. Having seen first-hand the positive impact Irish troops have made to peacekeeping abroad and internal security in Ireland, let’s pause to remember it came at a huge cost to some who served and think of their families at this time.”

Portrait of Sean ShumakerSean Shumaker, Associate Director, Business Process Excellence

Sean Shumaker, Associate Director, Business Process Excellence, noted: "Memorial Day is a time to reflect on the individuals I have served with who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. I strive to do everything I can to ensure they are never forgotten. I encourage everyone to take a minute and reflect on those who have come before us and the sacrifice that they and their families have made."

Last updated: May 2024