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Biopharmaceutical Jobs

We offer challenging career opportunities across all areas of our company for both experienced professionals and recent graduates. You’ll find a wide range of positions from Research & Development and Information Technology, to Manufacturing, Sales, and Marketing.

Spotlight Positions:

Boston Globe - Best Places to work 2017

As you move through our recruiting process, we strive to keep you informed and provide access to the people and information to help you make an informed decision. Here’s what to expect: when you apply online for a specific job, your resume will be entered into our electronic resume database and screened by a member of our Human Resources team. All Human Resources recruiters have access to this database and continually search for resumes that most closely match our current job opportunities. This means that you will be considered for the position to which you applied, and you may also be considered for other opportunities that match your qualifications. It is not necessary to send a hard copy of your resume. If your skill set is appropriate for the qualifications of a posted job, an Alkermes recruiter may contact you for an initial phone screen or to schedule an interview.

If you need a reasonable accommodation to apply, please contact