Proprietary Technology Platforms

Technologies That Give Us An Edge

Alkermes’ proprietary technologies and deep expertise gives us the edge in developing innovative medicines with therapeutically advantageous properties. Our ability to combine our understanding of unmet patient needs with our cutting edge tools and capabilities enables us to target CNS diseases in unique ways, resulting in drugs that have distinct value in their markets and for patients.

Long-Acting Technologies

Our suite of long-acting injectable technologies enables the gradual release into the body of small molecules as well as complex macromolecules at a controlled rate over a specific period of time. By enabling patients to take medications less frequently, these technologies create drugs that can be especially beneficial in treating central nervous system (CNS) diseases such as psychiatric disorders, in which medication compliance is closely correlated with improved outcomes. Our long-acting technology platforms include Medisorb®, LinkeRx® and NanoCrystal®.  

Oral Controlled-Release Technologies

Our broad suite of customized, solid-oral dosage technologies overcome many of the technial challenges of oral drug formulation and have been successfully commercialized in two dozen products worldwide. Our capabilities for engineering oral delayed release, extended release, immediate release, pulsatile release, and chrono-timed delivery enable us to customize specific drug-release profiles and dosage forms. For example, we can engineer fast onset of action by combining immediate release of a drug followed by sustained release, delaying release for a number of hours; or we can transform the properties of a once-daily dosage into multiple daily doses by releasing the drug in discrete bursts throughout the day.

Nanoparticle Technology

Our nanoparticle-based technology platform includes the NanoCrystal® technology and the NanOsmotic® technology and enables enhanced bioavailability of poorly water-soluble drug compounds. The NanoCrystal technology involves reducing the size of drug particles to increase their exposed surface area, then stabilizing the nanoparticles to maintain their reduced particle size. The result is a stable drug formulation with an improved dissolution rate that can enable a number of important drug product benefits, including improved bioavailability, reduced dosage volume, and increased maximum tolerated dose. Our NanoCrystal platform is applicable to all routes of administration of any dosage form.

Biologics Technologies

We are expanding on our expertise with injectable medications and complex molecules with biologics technologies. Our proprietary Medifusion™ technology enables effective, long-acting injectable medications by extending the circulating half-life of proteins and peptides. Medifusion works through the combined action of Fc fusion and hyperglycosylation, with extended-release profiles lasting from days to months. The resulting extended systemic half-life of the therapeutic compound allows for reduced dosing frequency.