Proprietary Technology Platforms

Technologies That Give Us An Edge

Alkermes’ proprietary technologies and deep expertise gives us the edge in developing innovative medicines with therapeutically advantageous properties. Our ability to combine our understanding of unmet patient needs with our cutting edge tools and capabilities enables us to target CNS diseases in unique ways, resulting in drugs that have distinct value in their markets and for patients.

Oral Controlled-Release Technologies

Our broad suite of customized, solid-oral dosage technologies overcome many of the technial challenges of oral drug formulation and have been successfully commercialized in two dozen products worldwide. Our capabilities for engineering oral delayed release, extended release, immediate release, pulsatile release, and chrono-timed delivery enable us to customize specific drug-release profiles and dosage forms. For example, we can engineer fast onset of action by combining immediate release of a drug followed by sustained release, delaying release for a number of hours; or we can transform the properties of a once-daily dosage into multiple daily doses by releasing the drug in discrete bursts throughout the day.