Operational Excellence

Key Operational Excellence (OE) initiatives have been developed and executed to embed a process improvement culture within our pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, with a focus on reducing variability, eliminating waste and reducing cost.

Operational Excellence

A systematic 6 Sigma training program over recent years at our manufacturing plants has enabled trained problem solvers (black belts, green belts and yellow belts) to anticipate, overcome and improve workflow challenges. Problem solving throughout the organization is approached in a collaborative and mature manner, by focusing on the needs of the customer, empowering employees and optimizing existing activities in our tech-transfer, scale-up and manufacturing activities.

Key objectives of our Operational Excellence (OE) programs:

Central to our OE initiatives is to consistently meet customer service demands by pursuing the following:

  • Be flexible and supportive in meeting customer needs
  • Delivering consistently high quality product promptly and accurately to our partners.

Some examples of our OE initiatives:

  • Numerous Value Stream and Process Mapping exercises have led to structured process improvements and rationalized documentation
  • Kaizen and Changeover projects have been executed which resulted in faster equipment turnaround times
  • Green belt and other improvement projects have meant significant reduction in process lead times
  • Targeted reduction in inventory levels enabled by reduced lead times and quicker equipment turnaround times.

Since the introduction of OE in our facilities, all key performance indicators (KPIs) have seen improved performance annually. All systems are now integrated on our SAP enterprise system.

Our OE programs are there to give you the reassurance that your product is guided through our facilities to exacting specifications.

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